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Tokyo, Japan 2024.2.28 15:52

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Towards an open-access resource for all mushroom growers

Over the course of 2023 I have been listening to potential subscribers, existing subscribers, and the mushroom industry. For many, the past 2 years have been a struggle. Inflation has been high everywhere, but for many growers, increases in fuel and energy costs plus scarce and ever-more expensive labor have pushed farms to their limits. This is happening right as demand for mushrooms is continuing to grow.

In such a hectic environment, I feel a professional journal for exotic mushroom growers, and a healthy international network of growers of all scales, is more important than ever. However, the effectiveness of our work is too limited if we restrict ourselves to a small circle of paid subscribers. We have realized that it is difficult for a small and relatively new agricultural sector to support a premium subscription service.

Therefore, we have decided to relaunch what was original a paid subscription journal as an open access resource. This way we can engage more farms and more people in the industry, while proving the depth of our coverage and Japan’s expertise in exotic mushroom farming. The new launch should be ready in time for the March, 2024 issue. We also welcome contributions and general inquiries from anyone in the business. You can contact us at jemj@salai.jp any time.

Our goal for the magazine is now to maximize readers and increase engagement by integrating it into the new Salai website, <salaifungi.com>. In this way we can build our reputation and connect to many farmers and even hobbyists who are hesitant to pay for a premium business service but wish to learn about exotic mushroom cultivation. I hope that all of our subscribers will continue to read the magazine and to recommend it widely to friends and associates in the mushroom sector.




Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal Chief Editor, Jake Waalk