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Tokyo, Japan 2024.4.25 00:19

Subscription Perks - Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal

The Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal is the world’s first industry journal dedicated to exotic mushroom farming, and publishes 4 jam-packed issues covering all range of issues facing the industry, from machinery, to cultivation techniques to business and marketing problems. We are dedicated to all aspects of the business and aim to provide the most cutting edge practical information for successful cultivation of a wide variety of mushroom cultivars. Subscription includes digital access to all issues of the Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal, plus two print copies of each of the 4 issues published in the 1-year subscription period.

Subscribers may also submit job postings, collaboration requests and PR pieces about their operations to the site moderator for approval. Non-spam requests will be published in the front page of the website and accessible through the website’s index of news and event notices.

Free consulting and farm inspection tours

Subscribers can receive one free initial consultation session (up to a 2 hour video conference, plus email follow up) per subscription period. On-site inspections and sample testing are not included within these services. As a Journal based in Japan, we can also arrange inspection tours of Japanese growing operations and equipment manufacturers, which includes translation and interpretation services. Our Basic Inspection Tour (1-day, 1 farm and a trip to Sakato Sangyo’s bag manufacturing facilities), is free for subscribers.

Join an emerging global network

Even small or mid-sized mushroom growing operations, as well as many others whose businesses (food processing, food service, and health supplements) have a footprint in the exotic mushroom industry, can benefit from the networking and consultation tools the Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal has to offer. From 2023 on, we hope to further awareness of exotic mushrooms, promoting their use and production, creating more sustainable circular agricultural economies, revitalizing local economies and foodways, and supporting a healthier society.

For subscribers who are interested in purchasing equipment or creating a custom growing plan, we can advise on different options and the costs of each. The Japanese Exotic Mushroom Journal aims to be more than just an industry magazine, but to build a full-service professional network around our publication. A one-stop, professional service for professional mushroom growers. Exotic mushrooms are an easy hobby, but the leap from hobby to successful and sustainable business is a big one, and you don’t have to go it alone.

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